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We do big ideas justice through remarkable brand experiences.

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Design as unique as your brand’s DNA.

Our human-centered approach meets you where you are and elevates your brand to its full potential. While rooted in tried and tested methods, our process is dynamic and always tailored to your business needs.

How we work

Be Indigo helps forward-thinking companies resonate with their ideal customers at every touchpoint. Balancing elegant form and seamless function, we distill larger-than-life ideas into premium, comprehensive design solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Brand coherence

brand kō-ˈhir-ən(t)s
When a brand always feels intuitive and familiar when experienced.

No more lost customers. Let’s build a standout brand that makes them stick.

Your customers crave brands that maintain consistency across all mediums. Brands that just make sense.

Brand coherence is an x-factor. A vibe. A certain je ne sais quois. And without it, you’ve lost your customer before you’ve even got them.

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believe us, the feelings are mutual

Optical Cable Corporation
In the years that I have worked with Diana on multiple projects, spanning several industries, I found her to be an excellent team player with a depth of creative expression that was second to none. Over a diverse range of target audiences she repeatedly hit the right tone with her concepts and artwork. Her flexible approach, dedication to the task, sense of humor, and personable nature made her a pleasure to have as a manager and colleague.
Austin Clark, Marketing Project Manager at OCC
Diana is pleasant to work with, responsive, and has a creative eye for taking project and company objectives and bringing them to life in an engaging way. My favorite project we worked on together was spotlighting some of my company's largest partners. We developed a "rockstar" theme to add some zest and a theme to the success story concept. The way she brought it to life became our CEO's favorite publication - one of many good signs, as CEO's and C-Suites were our target audience. Diana also worked with us to create an animated template for our online ebooks, which were traditionally distributed in PDF format. She was able to take a grandiose vision and turn it into a tangible work of B2B art - not easily done. Our teamwork style was collaborative - but once I gave her the creative brief and concept, she was able to bring it to life.

Tabby Simison, Content Marketing Manager at Zix
Diana and her team helped create landing page templates and graphics for the growth team at Flowcode. She was incredibly easy to work with, understood what we were trying to create, and turned around executions quickly.
Cletus McKeown, Content Strategy & Production at Flowcode
I had all these pretty big ideas about what I wanted [Bookelicious] to become and maybe less of a grip on how much work it would take to get there... Diana, you contributed in so many ways. It's been such a long and great time working with you and I've loved it. Bookelicious would probably be a very different place if it weren't for you. You've had a huge impact on it.

I'm so happy with the work you've done. You're incredibly collaborative and I've loved working with you. You brought this bright, happy vibe to what we were doing.
LEA ANNE BORDERS, Co-founder & CEO at Bookelicious
Hilton Head Health
I have worked with Diana numerous times, on many different projects, over the past six years.  It is hard to find great designers, and even harder to find great designers who are also adept at strategy and project management- Diana is a rare find!
Most of our initial projects were graphic design based, but she has quickly proved herself invaluable with web projects, print and digital design, vendor management, and general marketing strategy.  She is one of my favorite people to work with- I can always count on her, she has great communication skills, and an incredible personality!
Laura Godfrey, Co-Founder at Left Brain-Right Brain
The Strat-Comm Group
Diana designed our new website and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work. She was quick, insightful and delivered a great site on time and on budget.
Pearl Capital
Diana is a talented graphic designer and a pleasure to work with. She is able to take information and communicate our ideas into fresh, well-crafted designs, and we have turned to her again and again for her work and appreciate her quick turn-around on projects.
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Diana Donaldson is the total professional. Smart, accurate, fast, and wonderfully imaginative, she is always the graphic designer I recommend to colleagues first. She created a web page for an off-campus course that I teach at the University of Tennessee and did a beautiful job!
Sharon Rapoport
I worked with Diana to build my website, and she did a terrific job. She takes direction very well, is a great problem solver, and is always pleasant and fun to work with. I am so pleased with the design, too. I highly recommend working with Diana, and will definitely continue to do so myself.