Hilton Head Health

Revamping America's #1 Weight-Loss Resort

Although they had been at the top of the weight-loss resort industry for years, Hilton Head Health wanted to refresh their website, marketing strategy, and overall creative direction to make their services more relatable and clear to their prospective clients.

Design Strategy
Product + UX/UI Design

The Challenge

Hilton Head Health hired us on to help them visually differentiate their weight-loss packages, including the launch of their new weekly weight-loss program. They also wanted to further prove to prospective customers that they could help them reach their health goals once and for all.

The SOlution

We worked with a company called Left Brain - Right Brain who was responsible for the overall creative direction and marketing. Be Indigo’s job was to take the new look and feel, photography, and messaging, and apply it to help design Hilton Head Health’s website. The website needed to feel immersive, personal, and - most of all - relatable to Hilton Head Health’s audience who had likely tried many weight-loss programs in the past without seeing results. To achieve these goals, we focused on creating a well-organized, modern, and aesthetically on-brand website that highlighted success stories from Hilton Head Health members.

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The Result

Through the use of a flexible, approachable color palette, streamlined site architecture, visual hierarchy, interactive elements and layouts, the entire website felt cohesive and on-brand. And with messaging and testimonials that were well-threaded throughout the site, prospective customers were able to visualize the success they could achieve with Hilton Head Health’s programs.

Flyer of Fall activities at Carmel Valley Ranch
I have worked with Diana numerous times, on many different projects, over the past six years.  It is hard to find great designers, and even harder to find great designers who are also adept at strategy and project management- Diana is a rare find!
Most of our initial projects were graphic design based, but she has quickly proved herself invaluable with web projects, print and digital design, vendor management, and general marketing strategy.  She is one of my favorite people to work with- I can always count on her, she has great communication skills, and an incredible personality!
Laura Godfrey, Co-Founder at Left Brain-Right Brain

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