How We Work

To us, design is more than a service; it’s a partnership.

While our approach remains consistent at a high level, each project is collaborative and tailored to your specific needs as a brand.

Be Indigo team journey mapping

First, we’ll sit down with you and your team to understand your brand’s unique vision, goals, and customer pain points. We’ll then mine existing user data and competitor research to help us understand your market.

Finally, we’ll establish all potential user types and flows for your design challenge. This helps us flesh out the complete journey your customers will take — and eliminates potential bottlenecks before they happen.


/step 1

Our process begins and ends with your ideal customer in mind.

That’s why every project begins with a deep dive to understand what makes your customer tick.


/step 2

Based on the goals we define in Step 1, we’ll present an ideal solution with visual aids to help you understand how your customers will experience your brand.

We’ll explain the rationale behind the design solutions we choose and will iterate together on a working prototype we all agree on. We’ll also conduct user testing to validate our assumptions and make any necessary edits before we start refining the designs.


/step 3

Be Indigo prototyping

This is where we bring to life the solutions we’ve established in Steps 1 & 2. But this step involves more than just picking pretty fonts and colors — we’re deliberately creating a visual and interactive experience that builds trust, authority, and brand loyalty with your specific ideal customer.

With the design direction locked in, we’ll refine how your brand shows up across all elements. This includes establishing all the nitty gritty details and micro-interactions your customer has with your brand. We’ll also set guidelines for how every element works together.

After this prototype is complete, we’ll conduct another round of user testing to get feedback on the fleshed-out simulation.

Be Indigo ux/iui designer prototyping on a tablet


/step 4

In this final step, we’ll hand off the designs to you with detailed notes on how each element should be used.

Thanks to our built-in comprehensive design systems and brand guidelines, your project will get done faster — and you’ll have the building blocks you need to expand your site and earn your customers’ business for years to come.

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