Carmel Valley Ranch

Enhancing Carmel Valley Ranch's Guest Experience

An exquisite destination nestled amidst California’s stunning landscapes, Carmel Valley Ranch by Hyatt exudes an air of unparalleled luxury and serenity. As trusted design partners, we applied a tailored process to elevate elements of this prestigious resort's visual appeal.

Digital Design
Print Design

The Challenge

Our challenge was twofold: to uphold Carmel Valley Ranch's esteemed brand and to create both digital and print design pieces that effortlessly harmonized with the resort's existing visual identity. We embraced the responsibility of preserving the resort's sophistication while infusing our creations with an aura of elegance. Our mission was to create animated digital ads, activity flyers, and updated menus that resonated with the resort's branding and captivated their discerning guests.

The SOlution

We approached this project with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating awe-inspiring designs. By immersing ourselves in Carmel Valley Ranch's branding, we drew inspiration from the resort's pristine surroundings, luxurious ambiance and portfolio of existing marketing materials.

Our animated digital ads became a testament to understated elegance. Each animation delicately showcased the resort's remarkable activities, inviting potential guests on a captivating journey through Carmel Valley Ranch's offerings. Simplicity and wonder took center stage, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

With the activity flyers, our focus was on curating clean and concise designs. Each flyer artfully encapsulated the essence of the unique experiences awaiting guests, while the elegant visuals and succinct descriptions piqued curiosity and invited exploration.

Aiming to heighten the dining experience, our team updated Carmel Valley Ranch's menus. By combining refined typography with captivating visuals, the menus reflected the resort's culinary excellence, tantalizing guests' palates with sophistication and delight.

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The Result

Our designs became a testament to the enduring appeal of Carmel Valley Ranch. By preserving and elevating the resort's established brand, our creations showcased the allure of this exceptional destination. Our designs aimed to captivate potential guests, enticing them to embark on a journey of refined indulgence within Carmel Valley Ranch's embrace.

Flyer of Fall activities at Carmel Valley Ranch
Diana is a great professional. She is super talented and easy going. She has clear vision of what she wants and she knows exactly how to express it with kindness and accuracy. A true valuable resource for every project. A pleasure to work with.
Juan Manuel Bosi, Art Director

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