Building Streamlined, Cross-Brand Microsites for a Fin-Tech Platform

TekChoice is a venture-backed startup that offers an omnichannel platform and tech-enabled solutions for credit unions to better serve their members. Be Indigo took on the challenge of creating an online, intuitive microsite where customers of credit unions on the TekChoice platform could fill out and submit their loan applications quickly and easily.

Brand Identity
Product + UX/UI Design

The Challenge

TekChoice had two problems they needed solving. First, they had the building blocks of a cohesive brand, but lacked a consistent visual brand guidelines. They enlisted Be Indigo to pull together their creative assets and build a consolidated brand guide. 

Second, TekChoice’s credit union clients had a need for streamlining their customer user experience for loan and membership applications. The process was poor and highly manual — involving paper applications or in-office visits to apply for loans. Our challenge was to design microsites that were functional, followed best practices, and moved users through complicated forms in as streamlined a way as possible for TekChoice’s credit union clients.

The SOlution

We took TekChoice’s existing brand elements and wrote a comprehensive brand guide including rules, use cases, sizing and other elements to ensure consistency across all marketing messaging. We also included more uncommon assets like email signatures and social media posts. We then applied these brand guidelines to design a 10'x10' booth to be used at conferences.

On the product design front, we first worked to gain a clear understanding of the problem. We then led a cross-functional team through the process of wireframe design, mockups and interactive prototypes. We also built out a robust Figma design system to help TekChoice maintain cohesiveness, improve efficiency, and to provide a blueprint for future designs. 

As a result, we delivered beautifully designed microsites that followed best practices for loan and membership processing. This enabled users to move through complex forms in a streamlined and intuitive way while ensuring that each of TekChoice’s credit union clients stayed on-brand well into the future.

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The Result

By leveraging our microsites, the credit unions that TekChoice serves finally had a working solution for online loan and membership applications. This eliminated massive friction for retaining new customers. Since we designed the microsites and Figma design system in a way that could be reskinned to fit other credit unions with minimal effort, TekChioce could scale easily and bring on more clients at a much quicker pace.

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