Optical Cable Corporation

Refreshing the Print Identity of an Optical Cable Titan

The Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of fiber optic and copper data communication cabling and connectivity solutions. With a plethora of products to offer, OCC decided to undergo a rebranding process to better communicate their offerings to their clientele.

Print Design
Marketing Collateral

The Challenge

OCC's rebranding process required an extensive redesign of their existing print materials. The scope included an array of product brochures, catalogs, and mounted posters, all of which had to reflect the new brand identity while effectively showcasing the vast range of OCC's products to their large and diverse client base. The challenge was to create a cohesive, updated visual language across all print design materials without losing the core essence of OCC's brand.

The SOlution

Our team embarked on an intense design journey, working closely with OCC to understand their new branding. We began the project by redesigning the extensive product brochures and catalogs. Paying close attention to layout and using the new brand identity as our guide, we successfully created a series of clean and modern print designs that were not only visually appealing but also maintained a consistent brand voice. The mounted posters were designed following the same visual language, ensuring a uniform brand presence across all print materials.

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The Result

The redesigned print materials successfully encapsulated OCC's new brand identity, providing a fresh, unified look across all platforms. The updated brochures and catalogs effectively highlighted the company's products, resulting in improved client engagement and feedback. The mounted posters brought the new branding to life, reinforcing OCC's presence in the physical space of their offices and at industry events.

Flyer of Fall activities at Carmel Valley Ranch
In the years that I have worked with Diana on multiple projects, spanning several industries, I found her to be an excellent team player with a depth of creative expression that was second to none. Over a diverse range of target audiences she repeatedly hit the right tone with her concepts and artwork. Her flexible approach, dedication to the task, sense of humor, and personable nature made her a pleasure to have as a manager and colleague.
Austin Clark, Marketing Project Manager at OCC

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